Website ATM – Scam or Make $500 A Day On Autopilot? [Full Review]

website atm scam review

Welcome to my review and expose of Website ATM.

I’ve been exploring this new website called Website ATM which claims it can help you earn a fortune on autopilot and now I’m here to expose it.

In this article I’ll share exactly why you need to avoid the Website ATM scam program!

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You might already know that there are just too many get rich quick schemes out there, so I’m glad that you are doing your due diligence!

Regarding Website ATM, the truth is that it’s very similar to other websites I have already exposed, so I know how it really works and I’m going to share the details with you.

I want to be clear and point out that unlike lots of reviews on other blogs and YouTube, you will not find an affiliate link here, so I am not promoting Website ATM.

In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about this program to make an informed decision.

What is Website ATM

This Website ATM program has just released, a training that supposedly guides you how can generate a job-replacing income without taking any risks.

Anyways, there is no information about what you will be doing, and how you are supposed to generate money.

So, is Website ATM a scam or real business opportunity? Can it really help you earn a job-replacing income from home?

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As you can see their website will help you earn $500 per day from your laptop. Look, I’ll be the man who will tell you that YES it is doable to earn that kind of money on internet. I make close to that and yes you can make $500, $1,000 even more per day but you definitely won’t do it immediately and you definitely won’t do it from technique like what the Website ATM website claims.

Website ATM Red Flags

Website ATM has many red flags and indicates me of a typical money-making scam. Below are the main ones.

Insane Income Claims

This is in fact what the majority of the programs that I review here do. They claim that you can make an insane amount of money without taking any risks.

The concept that you can sign up a program and magically start earning thousands of dollars overnight is simply absurd.

While you can find people who have made an insane amount of money very fast online, that’s just not going to happen overnight.

Don’t get me wrong, you can generate good money online, I even make my living online, but it’s not going to be quickly, and you’re going to have to put in work.

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Who’s behind this site?

The owner of this website doesn’t show his face and he doesn’t even reveal his name, so we are not able to know who we are dealing with.

How can we believe someone who is not transparent about who he is?

Unethical marketers usually avoid showing who they are because if they did, they would get sued by their victims.

“Featured On” Lie

Website ATM is using popular names such as CNN and MSNBC to try and gain your trust. I really hate it when these scam schemes use this big logos to gain your trust. Apparently when you use well known brands on websites it builds trust and makes it most probably you will sign up.

Anyways you should only use these if you have really been featured by them. But sadly most people will never check that they have been featured so make-money programs such as this use them to lure you to sign up.

Fake Reviews

One thing that might’ve made you think that Website ATM was real is the video testimonials. It’s always comforting to hear other people say that they’ve succeed with a concrete program.

I’ve seen these same guys in multiple different products. They charge just a few bucks on Fiverr to read basically any script that you send them.

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Does it only cost $47?

You see, it would make no sense that they sold a valuable system for only $47. They will try to squeeze way more than $37 from each purchaser.

If you spend $47 to buy Website ATM, you might look forward to get bombarded with some upsells worth a fortune.

They just want you to believe that you will receive much for a low price, and once you have ordered, they try to get more dollars from you.

If you provide them your email address, you can also expect to receive a bunch of spam emails promoting other programs.

I don’t like the fact that they are not transparent about the real cost because being informed of the total cost is vital before making a payment.

Fake scarcity

Last but not least, they try to get you to rush into purchasing this program by telling you that there are limited number of members who can join this system.

This is a fake scarcity tactic that scammers use to make you purchase on emotion. But you see this claim makes no sense since they want as many individuals as possible to buy this program.

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They never limit the number of cash they can earn, so don’t let them lie you when they claim that there are limitations!

You can even check out the website another day and you’ll see that they claim the same thing. These people work with lots of marketers that email systems like this to their thousands of subscribers so there’s no way they are limiting the amount of sales they can make.

Not Enough Information

The last thing I want to underline to you is the fact that you have absolutely no idea what you are actually purchasing here. They also never give you any information about what you’ll get when you make the order.

What method will you be using to make money on?

These are the questions that simply aren’t answered in the sales video.

Every legitimate program that I’ve reviewed in the past tells you what you’re going to get, what you’ll be doing, and how it works.

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Don’t even trust any website that tries to make it seem like it’s an extremely secret technique that you can only reach if you give them your money.

In reality they could basically give you whatever they want to if you pay them.

Similar To Other Scams

The main reason I knew so quickly that this whole thing was a scam is because I’ve seen basically the same products before.

It’s incredibly over hyped and they use a bunch of lies and manipulating methods to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

A few systems like this are:

Not a single one of them has lived up to becoming anything close to what they promise you.

Is Website ATM A Scam?

After looking at all the information I think it’s a scam. Let me explain why.

But here is the thing which is good news. Technically speaking you can get a refund of Website ATM because the offer is created via Clickbank and they are solid at giving you your money back.

The fact is you CAN get a refund so don’t worry too much in that respect however that doesn’t mean you won’t waste your time. Also it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been lied to. Let’s face it, you have been told that Website ATM will make you a bunch of money and it’s only because you have been clever enough to do some research and found my review that you are not going to bother buying it.

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Even if you did sign up and then got a refund you were lied too, so yes in my opinion Website ATM is a scam regardless of the refund policy.

Website ATM Conclusion

I’ve seen this same scam re-created so many times. It’s your typical get rich quick scam that promises the world and delivers absolutely nothing.

The only person (or persons) making money from this program is the owner and the affiliates who promote it on Clickbank. It’s really not going to deliver the claimed promises of income and if you buy into it you will only end up losing your time and money.

It’s best to build your own system

When it comes to making money from home, there are more scam systems than ones I can recommend. The way people can stop wasting their money on frauds is by keeping in mind that making a living online is not easy and takes effort and time.

With that said, there are methods that are more ethical than others and I’m grateful that I found one of them.

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This method is easy to use and takes advantage of the thousands of products that are being sold online every single day.

It’s a business model that makes it possible for you to make passive income and work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

I also have to mention that this is not for everyone because not everyone is committed to learning and taking action.

Rather than waste your time you should take a look at my “no.1 recommendation” below rated no.1 out of over 100+ systems I have personally reviewed and exposed here.

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