Top 10 Survival skills

Whenever you’re planning on going outdoors for an extended period of time, it’s always good to have a practiced survival skill or two up your sleeve — you never know when you’re going to need it.

Here are top 7:

Starting a fire

To some, this might sound pretty difficult. But, in many cases, starting a fire in cold conditions is almost as easy as rubbing two sticks together.

Medical Needs

Knowing your medical needs and knowing the medical kit you have with you is a must. You should have all the kit you need ready to go with you at a moments notice in your bug-out bag, failing that you should know what other items you can use to help with first aid, if your kit is depleted or damaged. In an emergency things can get really bad, at an alarming rate. Ensuring you are able to deal with these emergencies, not just have the equipment is a core survival skill. Small emergency first aid courses aren’t very expensive, and the cost of a course versus the cost of losing a life is a really simple answer.

Hygiene and Sanitation

It’s not the nicest subject to think about, but if you’re out in wild or even if SHTF, likelihood is that you won’t be able to just jump in a nice warm shower. You will need to find a way of washing outside. Not washing has a couple of side effects. Firstly your skin will start to dry. If your hunting animals may start to smell you coming, and finally it’ll probably be very hard to attract a potential partner (covering all bases here).

Making a signal fire

In a bad scenario, your a** might get lost deep in the woods or marooned on a deserted island. If you want to get help, smoke signals can be seen from freakin’ miles away. It’s an excellent way to call for help in a desperate situation.

How To Get Drinkable Water

In the wild, there are two types of water: one that will kill you or make you horribly ill and one that won’t. The thing is, if you don’t drink water within three days, you are going to collapse from dehydration and that will be the end of your survival streak.

Building some shelter

You don’t need to construct a suite from the Four Seasons, you just need a little overhead coverage and something to block cold winds.

To learn how to build shelter, check out the important video below. The key thing is not expending too much of your energy. It might just save your life.

Basic Carpentry

Everyone should know how to make basic repairs to their home. Without the ability to repair damage from a natural disaster, it might not be possible to use the home as a survival shelter. Woodworking skills also allow one to make furniture and other items to help survive.

What other survival skills should have been on this list. Leave a comment!