Top 10 Things To Do In Colombia

Colombia is an exciting and diverse destination. If you’re a traveller who loves adventure, welcoming people, beautiful scenery and affordability, then Colombia is for you. We fell in love with this South American country after 6 weeks of travelling here. There are so many things to do in Colombia that we could have stayed much longer.

1. Trek to the Lost City (one of the most amazing things to do in Colombia!)

The Ciudad de Perdida (the Lost City) is located deep in the jungle of the Sierra Mountains. The point of the 4 day trek is to reach the fascinating, hidden ruins that were built in 850AD by the Tayrona people. The 4 day journey is epic. Be prepared to sleep on bunk beds, trek through the mud and cross rivers. This is an adventure you’ll never forget. Of all of the things to do in Colombia, this was our favourite.

2. Make Friends

The people of Colombia are incredibly welcoming. On numerous occasions we had chats with the locals – whether it was at our hostel, on the street or on the bus. They are eager and willing to chat with foreigners. Speak to anyone who has travelled to Colombia and they’ll agree, the people of Colombia are wonderful. More likely than not, you’ll forge lifelong friendships

3. Hiking and swimming at Tayrona National Park

Moving north to the Colombian Caribbean coast, we spent a day hiking and swimming at Tayrona National Park. The first part of the day includes a trek through tropical forest, where you might find monkeys — red howlers, capuchins, and titis — and if you’re lucky, an agouti, a large forest rodent known for enjoying fruit so much that it forgets where it has buried its stash.

4. Appreciating street art in Bogotá

While many people use Bogotá solely as a transit point, we suggest that you spend a day or two there, particularly if you appreciate street art. The quantity and quality of street murals in this city is impressive; they’ll often carry an underlying social or economic message, giving you a sense of the political pulse of the city.

5. Dance until dawn

Colombians love a good party, and plenty of excellent nightclubs throughout the country keep the party going until the early hours. Whether it’s salsa, electronic, reggaeton, it’s just not a trip to Colombia without dancing as the sun comes up.

6. Extreme Sports in San Gil

Bungee jumping, canyoning, white-water rafting, paragliding, and much more—San Gil is an adventure playground for adrenaline junkies, and it’s definitely worth scheduling three or four days there to make the most of all of the activities on offer.

7. Learn to kitesurf in La Guajira

The calm waters of Cabo de la Vela in La Guajira are one of the world’s premier kitesurfing destinations, with several kitesurf schools operating in town. Whether you sign up for an intensive course or just a few lessons, kitesurfing in La Guajira is an unbelievable experience.

8. Stay at Casa Elemento in Minca

Casa Elemento, a hostel in the mountains above Minca, has become Instagram-famous in recent years due to its amazing giant hammock (read: world’s biggest) offering stunning views over the distant Caribbean. It’s also a great place for a party, so make sure to visit.

9. Get muddy at Volcan del Totumo

Who doesn’t want to get covered in mud at an mini mud volcano before getting hosed down in warm Caribbean waters? …Probably quite a few people, but forget them and head to the Totumo Mud Volcano for a great day trip from Cartagena. Just don’t wear your best bathing suit.

10. Take the Bogota Craft Beer Tour

Bogota’s best beer tour visits excellent bars and craft breweries throughout the city, exploring the culture of craft beer in Colombia (and sampling a fair few ales along the way). While this tour works for any age group, being in your twenties definitely helps with the inevitable hangover!

Whatch the video below for more inspiration!

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