The Freedom Formula – Scam Or Earn $1,532 Per Day? [Full Review]

The Freedom Formula scam review

Interested in a review of The Freedom Formula?

Welcome to my review and expose of The Freedom Formula.

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m writing this review to nail The Freedom Formula as a complete scam!

You can find my honest review and opinion down below.

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Before getting started, congratulations on taking the time to do your own research before investing in another money-making program.

You might already know that there are just too many scam products out there, so doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and find the genuine way to earn passive income online!

Regarding The Freedom Formula, it’s different from what they’re advertising and this honest review will show you the lies they have told you.

I would like to be clear and point out that unlike lots of reviews on other blogs, you will not find an affiliate link here, so I am not promoting The Freedom Formula.

Since I am NOT affiliated with The Freedom Formula I can provide an honest review for you today.

What is The Freedom Formula

The founder of The Freedom Formula is inviting you to become her business partner and earn big commissions in no time.

Is The Freedom Formula a fraud or legit? Can you really trust people behind the system?

So what is the The Freedom Formula? The Freedom Formula is a system that promises it can enable you make $1,000+ per day from an unusual technique without taking any risks. Even if you are a total newbie. It sounds familiar, but frankly most of these earn internet marketing programs seem like this.

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Let’s check out the website so you know what to skip.

As you can see it says “do you want to make real money from home?”. Of course that looks incredible and who doesn’t want to make an extra $500 per day in income? Yes, you can generate a lot of money but you won’t do it with The Freedom Formula because it’s a absolute lie similar to others I’ve exposed recently like Notion Cash, Cash Grab and Secret Online Grab.

The Freedom Formula Red Flags

I’ve reviewed hundreds of websites like this so I can identify the red flags and tricks they use, which allow me define whether or not to trust it. In this context, The Freedom Formula has some warning signs in their website, which made me conclude this program is not reliable.

Who’s the founder of this system?

If you made a great training program that would earn people massive dollars, wouldn’t you want people to know you did it?

I decided to do brief investigation on this “Keysha” lady, and I found something very interesting. By that I mean that I actually found completely nothing about her. I took the photo that he provided of herself in the sales page and ran a reverse Google image search on it, and let me tell you… That’s right, it’s just an image of a female model bought from a stock photo platform that anyone can buy a copy.

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Only $37

So, if you pay $37 to buy this product, you will not earn a dime. This Keysha lady is there to lure you in, and once you have bought into you realize that this is just a

After all, the guy behind The Freedom Formula want to get way more than $37 per customer, so they will try to convince you to purchase other products.

They usually want you to believe that you will get much for a low price, and once you have ordered, they attempt to grab more money from you.

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If you give them your email address, you can also expect to receive a lot of spam emails promoting other programs.

Not only that, they may also sell your personal data to other spammers, so you can also expect to receive emails from people you don’t know.

There’s a lack of legal page

They don’t provide any privacy policy or legal page, which are the kind of pages that you would expect to find in a legitimate website.

I have reviewed over 100 systems and I have found out that the ones that don’t share legal information tend to be fraudulent websites or websites that have been made to collect people’s email addresses.

For me, this is a warning sign because I believe that any website should let users know what their rules are or how their data will be protected.

Hence, I don’t recommend that you trust websites that lack this kind of important information.

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Fake scarcity

“Keysha” says that there are only 100 copies of The Freedom Formula for $37. But this is only a fake scarcity tactic that they’re using to convince you into purchasing this program.

This is a fake claim used by unethical marketers to make you rush into joining the product. I know it’s not true that there are only 10 spots left because I visited the page periodically and everything is the same.

These unethical marketers never limit the number of sales they can generate, so don’t let them fool you when they claim there’s some kind of limitation.

You can even check out the sales page another day and you’ll find out that they claim the same thing. It makes no sense that they are limiting the amount of money they can earn so there’s no way they are limiting the copies available.

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Not Enough Information

One important thing for you to understand is the fact that there is little to no information about anything that has to do with this product. What do I mean by that?

What exactly will you be doing? How often will you have to do it? Are you going to be working for someone, or starting your own business? Do they have training videos? If so how many?

These are the questions that simply aren’t answered in the sales video.

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I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making systems, and all of the legit ones answer those questions and more.

Don’t even trust any website that tries to make it seem like it’s an extremely secret method that you can only access if you sign up.

I mean, The Freedom Formula even let’s you check out their program without having to even give them any payment details!

Similar To Other Programs

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making products, and this one is just like all of the other ClickBank products.

They all claim that you’ll make a ton of money on internet by barely doing nothing.

A couple weeks ago I wrote reviews for systems called Notion Cash, Cash Grab and Secret Online Grab, which looked exactly like The Freedom Formula.

They all make similar claims, use the same shady tactics, and sign you up for whatever program is likely to make them the most money.

Is The Freedom Formula A Scam?

I believe so to be quite honest. Is The Freedom Formula a scam? Can you really generate $1,000+ per day with this product?

The reason I believe it’s a scam is quite simply because it gives absurd profit claims that it can never live up to. The truth is that, many people will end up purchasing The Freedom Formula and be unstrung when they don’t make money.

Then they’ll simply be spammed over and over again with offers for other products and eventually end up spending far more money.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that a lot of people get stuck into by these scam systems. Truth be told the owner of The Freedom Formula could quite easily promote a trustworthy website for making money as an affiliate or even develop one, but however they choose the easy route of building scam systems like The Freedom Formula and selling memberships to anyone who will trust the hype.

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The Freedom Formula Conclusion

My honest verdict is that the The Freedom Formula program is a waste of your time.

The Freedom Formula is a system that could make someone a lot of money IF that person is already a successful internet marketer and knows how to generate traffic online. If you are a newbie to making money online I don’t believe that you will see the success you desire from The Freedom Formula.

What if you create your online business complete?

The way to stop wasting your time on get rich quick schemes and programs that don’t last long is by remembering that there’s no way to make a living online with little to no work and all done-for-you systems eventually fail.

There are diverse ways to make money online, but if your dream is to become financially free, then you need to focus on building a passive income stream.

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This business model I use enables me to make a recurring income and work from anywhere I wish as long as I have a computer and an Internet connection, which is amazing!

You can also choose a topic you love to create your business around, which is fantastic because this is something that makes the process more pleasant!

The best part is that it’s only getting better because more products and services are being created every day.

Rather than waste your time and money on The Freedom Formula you should take a look at my “no.1 recommendation” here which I rated no.1 out of over 150+ systems I have personally tested and reviewed for making money online.

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