PlaySpot App – Is It Spam or Legit? Reviews

playspot app scam reviewWelcome to my PlaySpot App review!

More than 5,000,000 people have installed the app in hopes to earn some money from their smartphones.

PlaySpot is another app that presumably pays you to play free games on your Android device. I said “another” because I have already used a lot of identical apps.

In fact, it’s hard to discover one that is transparent and doesn’t mess up with payments.

Having said that can you really trust PlaySpot? Is it a scam or legitimate app?

I’ve written this review to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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What is PlaySpot?

PlaySpot is an a mobile application that offers you to play games for a chance to win real cash prizes.

You can also generate more money by referring your friends to join. In this case, you will get a percentage of all their earnings.

Other similar apps that I reviewed on this blog are Cash Alarm AppCash Bounty AppCash GO App and BIGtoken App.

Cash apps like these are multiplying at staggering rates because more and more people are trying to discover one that is legit.

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Installation and Registration

PlaySpot app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Visit the official PlaySpot site and download it either through the Google Play or App Store.

After the installation, you can choose to sign up using either your Facebook or email address.

When you open it, all you need is to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

According to developers, they will not share your personal information to any third party

Then, you need to select the currency you want to be paid in if you win and that’s it!

Is PlaySpot App a Scam?

No, I believe PlaySpot is legit. Looking at the Google Play store, you can see the app gets numerous positive ratings but lots of negative reviews.

There are people who report having their accounts banned due to suspicious behaviour.

Below are some of the complaints people claimed:

  • You may have to wait a little bit to get paid the payment.
  • There are way too many ads!
  • The pay rate is low, and there are no guarantees.
  • It consumes so much energy that it will eventually kill your battery within a few months of use.
  • Some users experience technical issues, and if you uninstall the app, you will lose all your cash and tokens.

After checking their Terms and Conditions, I found out that the company could lock out your account for any reason. Hence, very few people will actually read that page inside the application.

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However, many people are claiming PlaySpot is using your device to collect personal data from your phone, but I don’t have any proof of such claim.

From my experience and reading lots of user reviews, it seems very difficult to make any money from apps identical to this one.

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