Pay It Forward System – Make $1,000 a Day or SCAM? Honest Review

Pay It Forward System review

Interested in a review of Pay It Forward System?

If you’re wondering “will Pay It Forward System scam me?” or “is Pay It Forward System a product to make $2,316 today?”, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

I’ve been researching this new website named Pay It Forward System which claims it can help you earn thousands from affiliate marketing and now I’m here to expose it.

In this review, I am going to expose all you need to know about Pay It Forward System and give you my honest opinion about it.

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Before revealing the truth, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business opportunity.

You can find lots of scams out there, so I’m glad that you are doing your due diligence!

When it comes to Pay It Forward System, here you are going to find everything you need to conclude whether or not it’s the proper program for you.

I would like to be clear and say that unlike many reviews on blogs, you will not find an affiliate link here, so I am not promoting Pay It Forward System.

Here you will discover the complete truth about this system so that you can make an educated decision at the end.

Pay It Forward System – Overview

So what is the Pay It Forward System? Pay It Forward System is a program that claims it can help you generate $220,000+ from an unusual trick for free. This sounds familiar, but to be honest most of these make money online websites sound like this. It sounds quite similar to others I have exposed recently like Broke Dishwasher, Cash Sniper and 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

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Check out the insanely hyped up website. As you can see the owner of the website claims to be making $220,000+ in three months with his Pay It Forward System. The funny thing is, I have no doubts that the owner of the website makes such amount of money if not more in affiliate commissions but doing it with this system? Not likely!

Pay It Forward System Red Flags

I have reviewed many products like this so I can recognize the warning signs and tricks they use, which allow me define whether or not to trust it. In this case, Pay It Forward System has some warning signs in their website, which made me conclude this program is not legitimate.

Insane Income Claims

This is something that I see once in a while with just about every scam out there.

The idea that you can join a system and magically start generating a fortune easily is simply insane.

While it is definitely doable to make great money online, it’s not going to happen easily, and it’s going to take a lot of work.

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Don’t get me wrong, It’s possible to make money on Internet, I’ve been making my living on Internet for almost eight years now.

If you come across something online that says anyone can earn thousands of dollars with no work, you should right away assume it is a get-rich-quick scheme.

Fake Creator

If you created a great training system that would make people bunch of dollars, wouldn’t you want people to know you did it?

I tried to find information about this Danielle Rose lady and couldn’t find anything about her. At first I thought maybe it’s just because it’s a common name, but then I did an image search of her picture. She seems to be some type of model who has dozens pictures all over stock image websites throughout the internet.

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Fake Testimonials

I know when I see lots of people praise a product, I start to think it could be a jackpot. For a second I thought perhaps this really was the first ever program that actually worked for someone.

I recognized those people from a website called Fiverr, that allows people to get paid for doing various tasks. They get paid to be a spokesperson for various things on the internet.

Only $1?

So, if you purchase this product, you will not earn a dollar. The money-making account Danielle Rose just wants to lure you in, and once you have purchased you found out that this is nothing but a scam.

Like other Clickbank products, after placing an order you can expect to get bombarded with bunch of upsells on much higher prices.

In reality, all these scam products are developed to take your money without providing anything useful.

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In case you give them your email address but don’t purchase any products, you can expect them to send you bunch of emails related to this product or other money-making products.

In addition, they may also share your personal info with other spammers, so you can also expect to receive emails from people you don’t know.

Lack of legal pages

Something that I want to mention is the fact that there’s no legal information in the Pay It Forward System website.

This lack of legal information means that the man behind the system doesn’t care about your personal information.

Many of the sites that I have reviewed that don’t have any legal information tend to be low-quality sites.

For me, this is a red flag because I believe that any website should let users know what their rules are or how their data will be protected.

In this case, if you provide them with your email address, you can expect them to sell it to other marketers. So you may receive emails from people you don’t know.

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Fake scarcity

Another lie they tell you is that the sales page will be removed in 24 hours because today I’ve visited it again and nothing has changed.

That’s an old trick used by unethical marketers to get you to purchase their product ASAP.

This is completely fake because there’s no limit when it comes to the number of spots available.

You can even check out the sales page next month and you’ll discover that they claim the same thing. So, these scammers would never put limitations who can buy their crappy system, since their goal is to earn cash.

Not Enough Information

The last thing I want to accent to you is the fact that you have completely no idea what you are actually buying into here. They also never give you any information about what you’ll get when you make the order.

Every legitimate program that I’ve reviewed in the past shows you what you’re going to get, what you’ll be doing, and how it works.

Don’t even trust any website that tries to make it seem like it’s an extremely secret method that you can only access if you sign up.

I mean, Pay It Forward System even let’s you check out their program without having to even give them any payment information!

Similar To Other Scams

I’ve reviewed tons of online money making programs, and this one is just like all of the other ClickBank products.

It’s incredibly over hyped and they use tons of lies and manipulating tactics to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

A couple weeks ago I wrote reviews for systems called Broke Dishwasher, Cash Sniper and 7 Minutes Daily Profits, which looked exactly like Pay It Forward System.

They are all basically the same except the names are different, and a few other details within the landing pages. They even all use the exact same testimonials, which are most-likely fake.

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Should you avoid Pay It Forward System

In my honest opinion I think that Pay It Forward System is a scam. Let me explain why.

First of all, it makes claims that it won’t deliver on. For example the ability to generate $1,000+ for doing nothing and being able to make cash straight away. Those are absurd claims that will get people excited to buy this product just to be left scammed.

However, the processing for Pay It Forward System is managed by ClickBank and that is good because you can easily obtain a refund from them by emailing their support team. That is relatively a good thing about the program that actually it will be difficult to get “Scammed” permanently because you can receive your cash back.

In addition, it won’t stop you from getting flooded by the creators of the program with other earn money promotions that you could end up getting fooled into buying.

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Pay It Forward System Verdict

After taking a closer look at Pay It Forward System I have nothing good to say about it to be quite honest.

I have already exposed this scam several times and to be quite honest I am surprised that it is still going strong, but hopefully I can continue to expose it and prevent people from wasting money.

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