My Millionaire Mentor – Is It A Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Perhaps you’re asking yourself whether My Millionaire Mentor is a legit program or just another scam?

I’m sure you’re here because you want to find out more. Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to give you a run down on this whole thing.

My Millionaire Mentor is a new product that claims it can help you make real money online even if you are on a shoestring budget.

Is My Millionaire Mentor really legit though or is it just another scam out to get you? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my honest review of My Millionaire Mentor, read it down below.

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Before revealing the truth, congratulations on taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business program.

You might already know that there are just too many frauds on the Internet, so doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and find the genuine way to earn a full-time income from home!

When it comes to My Millionaire Mentor, the truth is that it’s very similar to other websites I have previously exposed, so I know how it really works and I’m going to share the details with you.

Most of these money-making systems always get a lot of popularity when they’re launched but then they are not that great.

My Millionaire Mentor – Overview

So what in the heck is My Millionaire Mentor? When I landed on this website after receiving an email someone sent me I immediately was hit with the insane claims of how people are generating $1,000’s per month. Of course this is an impressive amount for what seems like a hands of way to earn money but is this real or are they just hyping this up to sell you a program?

Here is what the website looks like. As you can see their website will help you make $1,000 per day by doing nothing. Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that YES it is doable to make that amount of money on online.

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I make more than that and yes you can generate $500, $1,000 even more per day but you absolutely won’t do it overnight and you certainly won’t do it from system like what the My Millionaire Mentor program claims.

My Millionaire Mentor Red Flags

There are some red flags in the My Millionaire Mentor system, so I’m going to mention some of them because they’re very common in this kind of scam websites.

Insane Income Claims

This is basically what all of the products that I list on my blog do. They claim that you can generate an insane amount of money without doing really any work in general.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could earn $100 everyday without having to do any work? I mean, that’s over $30,000 per year!

I realize that it might get you excited when you hear that it’s possible to earn $700+ every week by just doing anything at all, but that’s just not going to happen.

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Don’t get me wrong, It is definitely possible to make good money from Internet, I even make a living online. However you need to put in a good amount of time, and effort into achieving it.

If you come across something online that claims anyone can earn thousands of dollars with no work, you should right away assume it is a get-rich-quick scheme.

Who’s the creator of this system?

The lack of information about the creator of the product, is a huge red flag.

They don’t present their names and they don’t show any pictures of themselves, so there’s no way to know who we are dealing with.

Therefore, the fact that the guy behind this system is not transparent about who he is makes me not trust My Millionaire Mentor.

Con artists usually avoid showing who they are because if they did, they would get sued by their victims.

Fake Reviews

One thing that might’ve made you think that My Millionaire Mentor was real is the video testimonials. It’s always comforting to hear other people say that they’ve succeed with a certain system.

I’ve seen these same guys in several different programs. They charge just a few bucks on Fiverr to read basically any script that you send them.

Does it only cost $37?

After all, it would make no sense that they sold a valuable system for only $37. They will try to get far more than $37 from you.

If you spend $37 to purchase My Millionaire Mentor, you can expect to get flooded with some upsells worth a fortune.

They usually want you to believe that you will get a lot for a low price, and once you have purchased, they try to get more money from you.

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In case you give them your email address but don’t buy any products, you can expect them to send you some emails related to this product or other money-making scams.

Not only that, these con artists tend to share your personal info with other marketers.

There’s a lack of legal page

A huge red flag is the fact that they don’t share any information on how they are going to use your personal information.

This legal information is something that you would expect to find on legit sites, so the fact that My Millionaire Mentor doesn’t allow you to know whether your information is protected is a huge red flag.

I have reviewed hundreds of systems and I have realized that the ones that don’t have legal information tend to be fraudulent websites or websites that have been created to gather people’s email addresses.

In my opinion, this is a warning sign because I believe that any website should let people know what their rules are or how their data will be used.

I mean, knowing how they are going to use your personal information is vital to determine whether or not to trust them.

Fake scarcity

Last but not least, they try to get you to rush into purchasing this program by telling you that there are limited number of members who can join this system.

This is a fake claim used by the guys behind the website to make you rush into purchasing the program. It’s a lie that there are only 9 positions available because I checked the website a lot of times and everything is the same.

So, it’s not true that you will not have the opportunity to access that website again if you leave it. You can even visit it out next week and nothing will have changed.

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You can even check out the sales page another day and you’ll discover that they claim the same thing. There are unethical marketers who are promoting this scam to their email subscribers, and they have been doing it for a while. Their goal is to get as many members as possible to fall for this system.

Should you avoid My Millionaire Mentor

I believe so to be quite honest. Let me explain why.

The statements of generating $100 a day will never happen so please don’t be fooled into believing that it’s possible.

The only positive to My Millionaire Mentor is that Clickbank handles the payment processing so you can easily have a refund from them.

Personally I think you can still argue that it is a scam because it doesn’t deliver on the claims. It doesn’t matter if you can get your money back when you have still been mis-sold a system. Moreover despite being able to get back your money you can’t get back your data. By signing up you will still end up being hit with other offers and you could end up buying something else that will put money back in the pockets of the creators.

The whole GDPR thing won’t matter for the scammers out there, they will simply ignore the rules however.

My Millionaire Mentor Verdict

My honest verdict is that the My Millionaire Mentor program is a waste of your time.

It has red flags all over it like the fake testimonials, fake creator, false scarcity about how many spots are left and a bunch of other stuff. Ultimately as I mentioned it’s created to make the owner money and the unethical marketers who promote it via spammy methods like bulk emailing.

A better way to make money online

The more you look for ways to earn urgent cash, the more scams you will come across.

If you want to stop losing your time on scams, I suggest that you stop looking for ways to earn money online quickly.

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The business model I use is newbie-friendly and has given me a way to make a consistent income month after month.

Actually, this business model has existed for many years and you can see a lot of people using it to make a living online.

Another thing I love about affiliate marketing is the fact that it allows you to work anywhere you have a laptop and an Internet connection, not to mention that it also allows you to make money while you sleep! Sounds amazing?

Rather than waste your time Rather than recommend some scam to you that “might” work, I’d rather recommend something to you that I know works. Here you can find my “no.1 recommendation” which I rated no.1 out of over 100+ systems I have personally reviewed and tested here.

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