Computer Entourage Review – A Scam Or Earn $300 Per Day?

Looking for real reviews of Computer Entourage?

Hey folks! Today I came across another “make money online” system, this time a system called Computer Entourage. As always, I wondered if this one was legit or just another of the countless scams we can find around the net, so I checked it out and run a research to create a review and help you make the best choice.

Computer Entourage is a new system that claims it can help you make real money online even if you are on a vest-pocket budget.

If you want to get all the details just keep reading below.

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Firstly, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business opportunity.

The Internet is plagued with frauds, so I’m glad that you are doing your due diligence. That’s the way to avoid scam products and find the genuine way to make a living online!

When it comes to Computer Entourage, the truth is that it’s not as good as they told you so keep reading to see all the red flags and how this program really works.

Here you will find the complete truth about this program so that you can make an informed decision at the end.

The Truth about Computer Entourage

In this blog post, I am going to share a detailed review of Computer Entourage and proof that clearly shows that this product is a scam.

There are many legitimate making money products. However, Computer Entourage is not genuine and should be avoided. Plenty of people who have tried this program have reported that they have lost money to hungry scam promoters.

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This program makes bold claims about generating $300 per day. That certainly sounds incredible, after all who wouldn’t want an extra $300 per day. That’s over $100k a year!

Programs like this one are: Amazon Cash Websites, 30 Day Success Club and Cash Money Sites.

Computer Entourage Scam Signs

Let’s point out some warning signs that you need to be aware of because they prove Computer Entourage is not that amazing of a program.

Who’s the owner of Computer Entourage?

They don’t mention their names and they don’t show any pictures of themselves, so there’s no way to know who we are dealing with.

The fact is, legitimate companies usually present who’s the guy behind because they are proud of their work.

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After having reviewed hundreds of products, I have found out that websites whose owners don’t reveal themselves tend to be poor-quality products.

“Featured On” Lie

Their website is packed full of lies. Like how they have been featured on a bunch of news sites like CNN, ABC and others. These “endorsements” are fake and are another reason you shouldn’t trust them.

This scam website has so obviously not been endorsed by these websites, but putting them on the website makes you believe that perhaps these websites do actually recommend them.

After all, legitimate websites normally put on endorsements on that they have worked with. So apparently that is what the Computer Entourage is going for by doing this but it’s simply a fraud.

Fake Testimonials

One thing that can be very convincing is when you hear other people saying that a system works. That’s exactly why the creators of this program took the time to hire people to make fake testimonials!

I’ve seen these same guys in several various programs. They charge just a few bucks on Fiverr to read basically any script that you send them.

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There’s a lack of legal information

I thought I would also mention that there’s lack of terms & legal page for Computer Entourage.

This lack of legal information means that the man behind the product doesn’t doesn’t care about your personal information.

Many of the sites that I have reviewed that don’t provide any legal information tend to be low-quality sites.

This is very common in the kind of money-making websites that collect people’s email addresses and sell them to other individuals.

Fake scarcity

Another lie they tell you is that there are only 150 memberships available, because there’s no limit when it comes to the amount of spots available.

They make this kind of claim to get as many members as possible to purchase it ASAP, but I am sure that if you visit their website tomorrow you will find out that nothing has changed.

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They never limit the number of money they can make, so don’t let them fool you when they claim that there are limited spots!

You can even visit the website another day and you’ll see that they say the same thing. So don’t be fooled when they say there are limited spots!

Should you avoid Computer Entourage

From what I have seen and how this opportunity is sold I believe that it is in fact a scam. Let me explain why I feel this way.

I’ve reviewed over 300+ products in the last several years so I’ve got knowledge. I know precisely what to look for when it comes to making money online.

Also I’m fortunate enough to make a 6-figure online business. So I also know what it takes to make real money. Programs like Computer Entourage have SCAM written all over them and they just don’t deliver on the promises.

You see, these sites run to serve 2 people:

The creator who makes money when you buy Computer Entourage. The creator has no reason to help you actually make any money, in fact it’s better if you DON’T make money, because then he can go and sell you another shiny object that won’t work again.

Affiliates who advertise scam systems to individuals like you looking to make money.

And then the creator of the website will make money when you buy.

This is how people get stuck in a cycle of purchasing scam programs because they are over and over again spammed by unethical affiliates who simply want to make a quick buck.

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Computer Entourage Verdict

After taking a closer look at Computer Entourage I have nothing good to say about it to be quite honest.

I’ll be honest after taking a closer look at Computer Entourage there is nothing that interests me about this opportunity. I don’t feel that it’s a very good way to make money and I have experience after exposing almost 350 programs here.

Earning money online doesn’t cost thousands of dollars

When it comes to earning money from home, there are more scam programs than ones I can recommend. The way people can stop wasting their money on frauds is by keeping in mind that making a living online is not easy and takes effort and time.

There are diverse ways to make money online, but if your dream is to become financially free, then you need to focus on building a recurring income stream.

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The business model I use is newbie-friendly and has enabled me to make a consistent income month after month.

It’s a method that doesn’t require me to spend a dime to drive traffic to my site and I don’t have to mislead or lie to anyone to make this happen, which makes me feel good at the end of the day.

The best part is that it’s only getting better because more products and services are being created every day.

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