Cash Time App – Make $300 Today or Scam? Full Review

cash time app scam review

Welcome to my Cash Time App review!

Recently, I’ve found out Cash Time, a game that has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on the Play Store.

Apps that apparently reward users just for installing apps, playing games and taking surveys have gained popularity during the last two years.

Truth be told, it’s hard to discover one that is transparent and doesn’t mess up with payments.

That being said, you may be asking if you can really make money with Cash Time app. Is it a scam or legit app? How does it work?

In this review I am going to give you my honest opinion about this cash app.

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What is Cash Time?

Cash Time is a mobile app that pays people for downloading and insalling apps, watching videos and answering surveys on your smartphone.

The app is operated by Adprime Marketing Solutions LTD, a private company that operates several other apps.

After you reach the minimum cash out amount, you can redeem via Paypal and Amazon Gift cards.

You can find numerous apps like Cash Time on the Google Play. If you want to find more alternatives, I also reviewed AttaPoll App, Honeygain App, Moolabag App and Diamond Cash App.

The app is available worldwide for Android users, but numerous games may not be available depending on your country.

Download and Registration

Cash Time is only available for Android devices, so you can download it through the Google Play store.

Next, you can sign up with your Facebook or email address. Unfortunately, there is no other sign up option available at the moment.

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When you open it, Cash Time will ask permission to access your photos, files and location.

According to owners, access is only used to improve the ad experience. That being said, we will never know what is actually being done behind the curtain.

That’s it! Now you are ready to start collecting points!

Is Cash Time App a Scam?

Even though I found many complaints on the internet, I can’t say Cash Time is a scam. The reason is I don’t have proof.

Most people who talked about payments were reporting that the money was taking too long to be credited. However, some users claimed having received it after 1 – 3 months!

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Below are some of the complaints users experienced:

  • They can lock out your account for no reason.
  • The number of points required to redeem for a gift card increased over time.
  • The app is quite slow.
  • It drains the battery by about 5 – 10% per day.

I checked their Terms and Condition page, which says the company does not guarantee any earnings through their services. Be aware that apps like Cash Time are not free from errors. Therefore, you may not get the right number of points, or you might be blocked for no apparent reason.

It’s always a risk since you never know the people behind these applications and what their true aspirations are.

When you accept the Terms of Service, you agree that you may not receive payments. With that said you can keep using the app for months without seeing any money into your PayPal account.

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