Bulletproof Profits – Is $3,750 A Day Possible? [Real Review]

Welcome to my Bulletproof Profits review!

If you’re wondering “will Bulletproof Profits scam me?” or “is Bulletproof Profits a product to earn $3,750 today?”, then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

I recently heard about Bulletproof Profits, so I decided to take a closer look to find what it was all about and whether it could really deliver on the claimed promises of making thousands of dollars a day.

In this article I’ll be detailing exactly why Bulletproof Profits is a scam and why you should avoid it.

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Before getting started, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before getting into another business program.

You may already know that there are just too many frauds out there, so I’m glad that you are doing your due diligence. That’s the way to avoid the fraudulent websites and find the legitimate way to make a living online!

In this article, you will find what Bulletproof Profits is about, whether or not it’s worth it and more.

How does Bulletproof Profits work?

In this article, I will provide a detailed review of Bulletproof Profits and proof that clearly shows that this program is a scam.

There are plenty of reputable making money programs. However, Bulletproof Profits is not legitimate and should be avoided.

Plenty of people who have tried this product have complained that they have lost money to thirsty scam promoters.

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The ridiculously hyped up landing page features a video that talks about a secret that was discovered that you can now use for yourself. This is a method to earning over $3750 and even more. Apparently this is a total scam but unfortunately people are falling for it.

To be honest I am surprised that people are falling for it, but the creator of the program knows how to build a convincing website and has already scammed people in the past with other websites he has made.

Bulletproof Profits Warning Signs

Apart from the big warning sign that Bulletproof Profits is not a real program, there are other red flags that you need to be aware of.

Unrealistic Income Claims

On the Bulletproof Profits sales page and in the video there are so many absurd claims that it’s not even funny.

The general rule of thumb I like to use is that if a product promises that you can make thousands of dollars online by barely doing anything, it’s lying to you, and it shouldn’t be trusted.

While it is definitely doable to earn good money on Internet, it’s not going to happen fast, and it’s going to take a lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s possible to make money online, I’ve been making my living online for almost two years now.

And there are definitely people out there who make a living online. The problem is that it takes more than a few clicks 20 minutes a day, if you even want the slightest chance of making money.

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Fake Creator

If you created an awesome training system that would make people bunch of dollars, wouldn’t you want people to know you did it?

I decided to do some investigation on this “Justin Tyler” guy, and I found something very interesting. By that I mean that I actually found absolutely nothing about him.

I took the photo that he provided of himself in the video and ran a reverse Google image search on it, and guess what. Correct, it’s just a photo of a male model bought from a stock photo website that anyone can use if they pay a small fee.

Fake Testimonials

One thing that can be very convincing is when you hear other people saying that a system works. That’s exactly why the creators of this scam took the time to hire people to make fake testimonials!

I’ve seen these same guys in several various products. They charge just a few bucks on Fiverr to read basically any script that you send them.

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Not Enough Information

One important thing for you to realize is the fact that there is little to no information about anything that has to do with this training. What do I mean by that?

Well, what type of training are you going to be getting? Will it be training videos or like a PDF or something. How many videos, or pages will it be, and what topics does it cover?

These are all of the things that they should tell you before even asking you for money.

Every legitimate system that I’ve reviewed in the past shows you what you’re going to get, what you’ll be doing, and how it works.

Don’t trust any training that doesn’t give you that basic information.

In reality they could basically give you whatever they want to if you pay them.

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Just Like Other Products

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making products, and this one is just like all of the other ClickBank products.

It’s incredibly over hyped and they use a bunch of lies and manipulating tactics to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

Another systems like this are:

They all make similar claims, use the same shady methods, and sign you up for whatever system is likely to make them the most money.

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam?

In my honest opinion I believe that this website is a scam. Let me explain why.

I don’t believe that Bulletproof Profits will help you make $3,750 a day. I think that is a marketing hype to get you to buy.

Is it really a scam?

Not really purely because you can get a refund from Clickbank pretty easily, however a refund won’t get back the time you waste buying or performing techniques that don’t deliver the income claims.

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Bulletproof Profits Verdict

I’ve seen this same scam re-created so many times. It’s your typical get rich quick scam that promises the world and delivers absolutely nothing.

Bulletproof Profits is a system that could make someone good money IF that person is already a successful internet marketer and knows how to generate traffic online.

If you are a newbie to making money online I am skeptical that you will see the success you desire from Bulletproof Profits.

It’s best to create something that you own

Making a passive income online is like anything worth achieving in life. It requires dedication, patience and work.

There are multiple methods you can use to develop this business but the method I use is newbie-friendly because it doesn’t demand a big investment.

This business model is easy to use and takes advantage of the millions of products that are being sold online every single day.

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It’s a business model that makes it possible for you to make passive income and work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.

This is not a done-for-you system that keeps you dependent, this is about developing a business that you own instead!

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(This is a step-by-step training!)