Bitcoin Boom – Scam or Make $5,000 Per Day? [Honest Review]

bitcoin boom scam review

Welcome to my review of Bitcoin Boom.

Hello people! Is Bitcoin Boom a scam that you should avoid? Or is Bitcoin Boom your ticket to financial freedom?

Probably you want to get started as an entrepreneur but you have questions unanswered or you’re skeptical.

In this review, I am going to expose all you need to know about Bitcoin Boom and give you my fair opinion about it.

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Before revealing the truth, I need to congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before buying into another money-making product.

The Internet is plagued with frauds, so doing your due diligence is the way to avoid scams and find the genuine way to make passive income every day!

When it comes to Bitcoin Boom, the truth is that it’s very similar to other programs I have earlier exposed, so I know how it really works and I’m going to prove it to you.

I would like to be clear and mention that unlike lots of reviews on similar blogs, you will not find an affiliate link here, so I am not promoting Bitcoin Boom.

Read very closely before you invest your time and energy into this system.

What is Bitcoin Boom

The owner of Bitcoin Boom is claiming his program can allow you make over $5,000+ per day, just like other 89 members.

There are tons of testimonials in the sales page, but still, you are not convinced about the big income claims and immediate results.

So, is Bitcoin Boom a scam or legit business opportunity? Can you really trust them?

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I learned about Bitcoin Boom a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been so busy with other systems I had to expose that I haven’t got the time to writing about Bitcoin Boom yet. Forgive me for not doing this earlier!

If you watched the sales video, you know the founder of Bitcoin Boom is trying to sell you the concept of easy money from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The problem is that there is no real information about how the software operates and what is the logic behind its algorithms.

Bitcoin Boom Scam Signs

Bitcoin Boom has a lot of red flags and reminds me of a classic get-rich-quick scheme. Keep reading.

Crazy Income Claims

On the Bitcoin Boom sales video there are so many ridiculous claims that it’s not even funny.

The concept that you can sign up a system and magically start generating thousands of dollars from Bitcoin is simply insane.

While there are people who have made an insane amount of money very quickly on Internet, that’s just not going to work.

Don’t get me wrong, It is absolutely doable to earn money online trading cryptocurrencies. Anyway, you’re going to have to put in some amount of time and effort into achieving it.

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Any system that tells you that you can earn hundreds of dollars per day is either a get-rich-quick scheme or it will require you to risk a fortune.

Fake Testimonials

Next thing that I want to point out real quick is the fact that the video testimonials in the sales video are not real. When thinking about buying a product it can certainly be convincing when you hear people saying that it’s amazing.

The people in the video claiming that they’ve earned tons of money are just paid actors found on a website called Fiverr.

The Price

Bitcoin Boom is said to cost $200, but I’m sure that it costs far more than that.

Normally, after buying you can expect to get spammed with a lot of upsells that cost a fortune.

The way these get-rich-quick products work is by taking your hard-earned money without delivering anything.

In case you provide them your email address but don’t buy any products, you can expect them to send you tons of emails promoting this product or other get-quick-rich scams.

I don’t like the fact that they are not honest about the real cost because being aware of the total cost is essential before making a final decision.

There’s a lack of legal information

Something that I want to mention is that there’s no privacy policy or terms & conditions for Bitcoin Boom.

They don’t provide any privacy policy or terms & conditions page, which are the kind of pages that you would expect to find in a legitimate website.

Many of the websites I have reviewed that don’t have this legal information have ended up being low-quality programs.

If you share your email address with people who are tend to sell it to others, you can expect to get bombarded with spam emails from individuals you don’t know.

Therefore, I personally avoid sharing my personal information to websites that are not honest when it comes to important information.

Fake scarcity

Another lie they tell you is that the sales page will be taken off on May 12th (the day I came across it) because today I’ve checked it out again and nothing has changed.

They make this kind of claim to get as many individuals as possible to join it ASAP, but I can guarantee you that if you check out their sales page tomorrow you will see that everything is the same.

They never limit the amount of money they can make, so don’t let them fool you when they say that there are limited spots!

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You can even check out the sales page next month and you’ll see that they claim the same thing. The truth is that they want as many people as possible to join Bitcoin Boom as soon as possible, they will always welcome people who want to put money on their hands.

Not Enough Information

The last thing I want to accent to you is the fact that you have absolutely no idea what you are actually buying into here. They also never give you any information about what you’ll get when you make the order.

Well, what type of training are you going to be getting? Will it be training videos or like a PDF or something. How many videos, or pages will it be, and what topics does it cover?

These are all of the things that they should tell you before even asking you for money.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making businesses, and all of the legit ones answer those questions and more.

Why give your money to someone when you are not even sure what you’ll be getting in return?

Similar To Other Products

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making systems, and this one is just like all of the other similar products.

It’s amazingly over hyped and they use a bunch of lies and manipulating methods to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

Some other ones like this are: YYYYY and ZZZZZ.

Not a single one of them has lived up to becoming anything close to what they promise you.

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Is Bitcoin Boom A Scam?

I believe so! However perhaps you are thinking, how does it scam me? Here’s why…

Bitcoin Boom uses a number of unethical marketing techniques to squeeze you into joining their system.

It uses fake screenshots of income results that literally make no sense and uses fake backstories. Eventually if you join the only person that will be earning money is the creator of the website.

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I’ve been running online business for years now but it didn’t happen overnight. It took me several years of unsuccess to finally create a successful online business so trust me when I tell you that programs like Bitcoin Boom are just a joke and will never make you a dime.

The real people earning money from them are the people who created the sites promoting you the junk!

Bitcoin Boom Conclusion

This is another get rich quick style product that promises you the world and fails to deliver.

I’ll be honest after taking a closer look at Bitcoin Boom there is nothing that interests me about this opportunity. I don’t feel that it’s a very good way to make money and I have experience after reviewing near 150 systems here.

The real way to earn commissions

The way to stop wasting your time on get rich quick schemes and programs that don’t last long is by remembering that there’s no way to make a living online without commitment and work and all done-for-you programs ultimately fall down.

If you remember that making a living online takes work and time, you will stop wasting your time & money on get-rich-quick scams.

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This business model I use enables me to make a full-time income and work from anywhere I want since I have a computer and an Internet connection, and that is amazing!

Actually, this business model has existed for many years and you can find a lot of people using it to make a living online.

With that said, I want to make clear that this business takes a lot of effort and time to make it profitable, but this is just like anything you want to succeed in life.

Rather than waste your time on another program that promises the world without delivering, I recommend you take a closer look at my “no.1 recommendation” below which I rated no.1 out of over 100+ systems I have personally tested and reviewed on this place.

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