30 Day Success Formula – Scam or Make $25,000 Per Month? [Honest Review]


Welcome to my review of 30 Day Success Formula.

Wondering whether 30 Day Success Formula are legit or just another scam?

I’ve been investigating this new system called 30 Day Success Formula which claims you can earn easy $25,000 per month and now I’m ready to expose it.

Here I am going to show all you need to know about 30 Day Success Formula and give you my honest opinion about it.

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Firstly, congratulations on taking the time to do your due diligence before buying into another money-making product.

There are hundreds of scams out there, so I’m happy that you are doing your researching!

Regarding 30 Day Success Formula, here you are going to discover everything you need to decide whether or not it’s the proper product for you.

I would like to be transparent and say that unlike lots of reviews on similar blogs, you will not find an affiliate link here, so I am not promoting 30 Day Success Formula.

What is 30 Day Success Formula

The founder of 30 Day Success Formula guarantees to give you the coaching so you can become your own boss and make between $5,000 and $25,000 a month work from your home.

It suggests you can achieve financial freedom as you can work as much as you want from your laptop.

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So, you are probably asking yourself if 30 Day Success Formula is a scam or a real opportunity to escape the rat race.

30 Day Success Formula Red Flags

Except the huge red flag that 30 Day Success Formula is not a legitimate program, there are other red flags that you need to be aware of.

Ridiculous Income Claims

This is in fact what all of the products that I review on my blog do. They claim that you can generate an insane amount of money without doing really any work in general.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could earn $25,000 every single month without having to do any work? I mean, that’s over $300,000 per year!

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While you can find people who have made an insane amount of money very quickly online, that’s just not going to work.

Yes, you can generate big money online, I even make my living online, but it won’t be fast, and you’re going to have to put in work.

It’s easier to lose money than it is to earn money when it comes to buying into such schemes.

Who’s the creator of this system?

The so called owner Simon Petrowski doesn’t show any picture of himself and he doesn’t even reveal how we can contact him. He doesn’t mention if he has a website or social media profiles.

Eventually, they he doesn’t reveal his identity as he doesn’t want to harm his reliability and doesn’t want to face the consequences of ripping people off.

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From my experience, I can say that systems whose owners don’t show up tend to be low-quality scams.

Fake Reviews

One thing I want to underline real fast is that you should be informed that there are fake reviews of this program. People usually write great reviews about it in hopes of getting you to buy their product. They do this because they will get a commission for the fact that you bought it.

I’ve seen these same guys in multiple different scams. They charge just a few bucks on Fiverr to read basically any script that you send them.

Not Enough Information

One important thing for you to realize is the fact that there is little to no information about anything that has to do with this program. What do I mean by that?

Will you just be taken a website with a magic box, and all you need to do it open it to get the money? Or will you get training that shows you how to actually make money online? If so, is it a PDF, or is it a bunch of videos? How many videos or how many pages will it be?

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Those are just a few of the questions that need to be answered before you should be thinking about spending your money.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of online money making websites, and all of the legit ones answer those questions and more.

Don’t even trust any program that tries to make it seem like it’s an extremely secret technique that you can only find out if you sign up.

In fact they could basically give you whatever they want to if you give them money.

Just Like Other Scams

The main reason I knew so fast that this whole thing was a scam is because I’ve seen basically the same programs before.

It’s amazingly over hyped and they use tons of lies and manipulating methods to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

Another systems like this are:

They are all basically the same except the names are different, and a few other details within the landing pages. They even use the same testimonials, which are certainly fake.

Is 30 Day Success Formula A Scam?

I believe so to be quite honest. Let me explain why I feel this way.

Personally I believe it’s a misleading website that lies to you about how much bucks you can earn. That would certainly be enough for the majority of people to call it a scam.

That being said since Clickbank process the payments for 30 Day Success Formula that means you can easily get a refund.

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All you have to do is communicate with Clickbank support and they’ll give you a refund no questions asked.

On the other hand that doesn’t mean that you won’t still get spam from the 30 Day Success Formula email newsletter. Once you sign up they have your data such as name and email address and even your phone number which means that they can unethically sell these to other marketers, or just spam you with other promotions.

30 Day Success Formula Conclusion

If you were hoping 30 Day Success Formula was legitimate then I’m sorry to bring bad news but it’s a complete get rich quick scheme.

I’ll be honest after taking a closer look at 30 Day Success Formula there is nothing that interests me about this opportunity. I don’t feel that it’s a very good way to make money and I have experience after exposing literally 350 systems on this website.

An ethical way to make passive income online

When it comes to earning money from home, there are more scam products than ones I can recommend. The way people can stop wasting their time on frauds is by remembering that making a living online is not easy and takes effort and time.

If you are really serious about earning a recurring income on the Internet, it’s best that you concentrate on building your own online business that makes you money for many years to come.

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This method I use enables me to work from anywhere in the world since I have a computer and Internet connection and I can also choose when to work.

It’s a method that doesn’t require me to pay a penny to drive traffic to my site and I don’t have to deceive or lie to anyone to make this happen, which makes me feel good at the end of the day.

The best part is that it’s only getting better because more products and services are being created every day.

Instead of waste your time and money on another scam system that doesn’t deliver you should check out my #1 recommendation below which I rated #1 out of over 100+ systems I have personally reviewed and tested on this blog.

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