10 Steps To Improve Your Mindset

The positive mindset is a choice, not an innate trait.

You have the power to change your attitude, and committing to this change can lead you to a happier, more successful life.


These seven steps will help you begin your fruitful journey towards a positive outlook.

1. Just breathe

Some of us forget to breath. Sit or stand in a quiet spot, feet on the floor, and hands by your side or on your lap. Now just quiet your mind – picture a place that is your idea of peace, perhaps walking on a beach or sitting looking at a mountain view. Whatever, peace is for you.

Three minutes of quiet, deep breathing a couple of times during the day can help us get back on track if stress levels are high.

2. Stop seeking approval

When you prioritise approval over learning, you sacrifice your own potential for growth.

3. Find positive friends

Find people who reflect the values you want to adopt. Join groups online and go to networking or social events focused on personal growth. As your own mind starts to change, it’ll become easier to connect with more positive people.

4. Value the process over the end result

Intelligent people enjoy the learning process, and don’t mind when it continues beyond an expected time frame.

5. Abstain from all “bad news”

Wars, murders, and politics all add baggage to our thoughts. It makes sense that most of the mainstream media focuses on bad news, though, because tragedy sells. It doesn’t make sense for us to sit around stewing over this bad news. It’s certainly not going to allow for an optimal mindset, one that’s focused on the best that life has to offer.

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body will support a healthy mind. During the most difficult time of my personal struggles, bad health was a major obstacle. Chronic fatigue could wipe me out for whole days.

Look at how you sleep, what you eat, and your activity levels to identify anything that could be sapping your energy. Sometimes laziness is just fatigue.

7. Learn from other people’s mistakes

It’s not always wise to compare yourself to others, but it is important to realise that humans share the same weaknesses.

8. Spend more time focusing on the present

Most negative people live with one foot in the past in the other in the future, constantly dwelling on old regrets and worrying about the potential outcomes of new problems.

One of the keys to developing a positive mindset is to turn your focus to the present, encouraging yourself to fully experience every little nuance of your remarkable life.

9. Make a new goal for every goal accomplished

You’ll never be done learning. Just because your midterm exam is over doesn’t mean you should stop being interested in a subject. Growth-minded people know how to constantly create new goals to keep themselves stimulated.

10. Treat yourself kindly

It’s important to understand that sharing positivity with others does not mean that you should dedicate all of your resources to selfless pursuits. Being a happy, successful person also involves a conscious commitment to meeting your own needs.

It’s impossible to stay positive if you are utterly exhausted and drained, so don’t feel guilty for turning down social invitations when you need to recharge your batteries.

Finally, make sure that every day of your life involves at least one act of kindness towards yourself, whether it is preparing a sensible meal, listening to a favorite song, reading a good book or sleeping a little later. Recognizing that you deserve love and care is a key part of any positive mindset.